Imagine if your life dramatically changed overnight.

Everything you knew & loved was taken from you.

From the security & comfort of our lives in rural Australia it is very hard to consider the effects of WAR.

Even if you were to try to understand the atrocities experienced by normal families in war torn Ukraine, what are you going to do to help?

Meet four people who have lost everything except the will to survive.

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meet Hanna Aremenko

Hanna is 83, she lived her life in her little home in Ukraine with her widowed daughter Serheicheva, daughter Horbatuyk & her two grandsons Vladislav 11 & Makar 6.  On the 6th of April 2022 their world changed forever, evacuation was announced in their region.  It was dangerous to stay in their home & although it was not safe to travel they decided to leave.


On the 10th of April, they managed to get a lift to Dnipro, a main city where they bought tickets & travelled 18 hours in an overcrowded train to Lviv.  They had made it to the Polish border.  Here they rested & had some food.  The remarkable detail about this journey is Hanna, at 83 years old, is a double amputee.  Travelling with Hanna was difficult but her family were never leaving without her.


The family are currently in a refugee centre, they are applying for

 visas to come to Australia.  


the Australian Connection

Hanna has a daughter living in Queensland, Innesa, who has close friends in Warwick.  That is how the plight of this family came known to us.

Inessa has already sent all her money to her mother & family.  She is doing everything she can to raise the money to pay for airfares to fly her family to Australia.  Inessa did not ask for money, it is her friends in Warwick that believe the community would want to help.

It is very likely that this family has lost all their possessions.  The best outcome would be their home is not destroyed.  However, it will be some time before they can return to Ukraine.  In the meantime they would like to stay with family in Australia.

It is estimated the airfares & related expenses will total $15,000 - the Warwick community has already donated $5,600!!!!

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Thanks to the tireless efforts of Sally Edwards (I am in awe of you), the support of beautiful people and promotion through generous media platforms - enough money has been raised brining hope to this family..

100% of money received will be used for living & travel expenses.

To keep this project as transparent as possible & to safeguard the funds, we are utilising the bank account of Southern Downs Community Relief group Inc, a project set up to distribute drinking water during the drought.  This project is managed by local community members & no withdrawals can be made without two signatories from the committee. All transactions will be accounted for at the AGM by the treasurer.  The fund has a current balance, these funds will not be used for this project.


You can make a direct deposit into the account:


Name of account

Southern Downs Community Relief Group


817 001

A/c number



Or if you have cash or a cheque you can take it to Warwick Credit Union with the above details & make a deposit.  Cheques should be made out to Southern Downs Community Relief Group.


All donations, however small, are gratefully accepted.  All donations will be confidential, and you you can request a receipt from the treasurer of SDCRG.  Unfortunately, donations are not tax deductible.  All funds received over the target of $15,000 may go to continue supporting this & other families displace by the war in Ukraine.

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last updated 27/04/2022