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the TEAM

When you speak to someone from Warwick Lifestyle Property, you talk to an owner.  Craig, Joanne and Chantel are co founders, joint owners and family.




"Our success is built on valuing RELATIONSHIPS, conducting ourselves with transparency and integrity, living up to our REPUTATION and working hard with relentless commitment to achieve the best RESULTS for our customers."

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Craig Burgess

Craig Burgess was a brick layer for 39 years.  He easily recognises the quality in construction and finishes of a property.  He is an effective communicator who genuinely enjoys helping people and thrives facilitating residential, lifestyle acreage and investment property sales.

0455 45 9966

Joanne Burgess

Joanne's background is also in constructionspecialising in

project & finance management.

Joanne specialises in business sales & commercial property investments. In 2024 Joanne will also be facilitating residential sales.

0418 18 4577

Chantel McInerney

Chantel is the engine of the team. To be successful in real estate you need to be exceptional at marketing, particularly online marketing.  The way a property is presented and promoted online is ABSOLUTELY VITAL to achieve the best result.  Chantel is full time media for Warwick Lifestyle Property.

0400 888 955

The team believes their superpower is not being aligned with a national chain.

We are like a speed boat compared to a big ship.  We can quickly make decisions and implement a change of direction instantly! A big ship takes a lot of time to turn, this could result in missed opportunity for a customer.  In the past being aligned with a national franchise provided exposure in terms of marketing and training.  The internet has changed the game.  Boutique agencies have the same reach with a more personal ethos.

Being privately owned means we do not have the pressure and restrictions of sales targets and budgets.  This freedom allows us to spend more time getting to know our customers and focusing our time and resources to achieve the best possible result for them.

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