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Property Marketing Options

Warwick Lifestyle Property has two marketing plans, both are no cost to you as the seller

Open Listing

Standard advertisement on
 Australia's leading real estate portal
Professional photos
including drone shots if applicable
 Proven national marketing campaign
including extensive, paid social media advertisements
Access to Warwick Lifestyle Property database
Signage on two busy national highways
Warwick Lifestyle Property office
Property Signage
with QR code and property details, optional
Ongoing promotion of your property until sold

123 Neville House Aerial 2.jpg
123 Neville Pizza Oven.jpg

Exclusive Listing
All that is included in the
Open Listing package, plus


Top of page on Australia's leading real state portal
Premier listing until property is sold
Beautiful digital brochure emailed to’s database, targeting buyers interested in our region
Property ad bumped to top of page position each fortnight

When you decide to sell your property, the next step is choosing an agent. The best agent for you is

- one who listens to your needs and understands your goals
- one you feel you can trust and easily communicate with
- one who will achieve the best result for you

The best result for you is rarely the amount of commission an agent charges. A good agent will secure the buyer willing to pay the most for your property. Some agents charge less than the standard 3.3% commission but may not work hard to find that buyer willing to pay top dollar for your property. Ensure when you engage your agent you discuss any costs in addition to the commission fee. Many agents charge for advertising.

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