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The first thing potential buyers will see of your home, will be the photos. Therefore, good first impressions are crucial. If the home is cluttered or untidy, you could lose thousands on the sale and the photographer may even decide the photo shoot cannot proceed. These guidelines are to assist you in getting your home photography ready. Surcharges will apply for revisits due to lack of or no preparation.

Make rooms look larger by creating space.

Lounge/Family/Living Rooms

- De-clutter all surfaces, but still keep it personal by leaving one or two photo frames/ornaments etc. If you have concerns about privacy issues, your personal photos can be blurred.

- Ensure all light bulbs are working and avoid combining cool and warm bulbs in the same room; for your information, a cool bulb gives off a blue/white glow and warm bulb gives off an orange/red glow. Consider this for the effect created in the room.

- Put away piles of magazines, remotes and remove any fitness equipment.

- Check that curtains and blinds can be easily opened or closed on the day.

- Is your wall art straight?

- Blankets, pillows and pet items should be removed, but keep some cushions on the lounge.



This is one of the most important rooms in your house, so this really needs your attention to look good.


- Benchtops should be clean and dry.

- Reflective oven doors should be clean

- Stainless steel appliances should be wiped, no fingerprints showing.

- Tea towels should be put away, as well as floor mats and rubbish bin(s). Remove all fridge magnets and notes from the fridge/freezer.

- Leave out one or two items such as a coffee machine, block of knives or kettle. Check the range-hood light – kitchens can look good with this light on.

- Leaving a bowl of fruit or a bunch of fresh flowers always adds a nice touch.


- Remove all products, body washers, clothes, toiletries etc.

- If there is more than one towel on display, think of matching/contrasting colours. Remove bath mats, baskets and kids bath toys.

- Hide the plugs, toothbrushes and holders.

- Some flowers or a plant can look nice, but only if there is plenty of bench space.



- All beds are to be made and pillows neat and tidy. Make sure all side-by-side pillows are the same colour.

- Bedside lamps should be working, with same coloured light bulbs.

- Bedside tables should be minimalistic – a lamp and maybe a book on one.


- Remove all pedestal and floor fans, as they suggest a ‘hot’ room. Put away all shoes and bags

- Is there anything under the bed? Hide or remove these items. Create as much floor and surface space as possible.

Gardens – Front and Back

Front shots are most often the first introduction to your home, so it is important this area looks good; remember, untidy gardens can cost you money.

- Remove all vehicles.

- Close garage doors.

- Clean up any debris or items lying around.

- Tidy up garden, mow lawns, trim edges.

- If the front of your home is hidden from view by shrubs and/or hedges, it may pay to have these trimmed.

- Hide your wheelie bins.

- Tidy the backyard.

- Remove pet beds and toys.

- If you have a dining setting in your alfresco area, make sure it clean and dry.

- Remove any fitness equipment.

- Sheds (large and small), are usually only photographed externally. So de-clutter around the outside and store items inside.

- Workshops can attract buyers, so a quick tidy up in here could work.



Swimming Pools / Spa Pool

- Remove creepy crawlies, pool cleaning equipment and hide chemicals. Remove all pool toys.

- Remove pool cover, but keep it neat and tidy (if necessary, store out of sight). Try to keep the area surrounding the pool dry prior to photography.

Washing Lines

- Please! No washing on the line.

- If possible, collapse/fold-up the washing line and put away the trolley.



In Summary: It is more profitable to do the hard work, cleaning up the home and de-cluttering before the photos are taken. So don’t be tempted to rush the property onto the market before it is ready. This could cost you a lot of money.

Reminder: A re-shoot fee will apply to re-visit and re-shoot a property or any part thereof, as a result of the property not being prepared in the first instance.

Finally, how your home looks for photos is how it should look for inspections. Here’s to a speedy and profitable sale...

Sean Buckley
Blue Diamond Photography

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